The Brave Adventurers

Named by Edwynn the Bard, The Brave Adventurers are Aarinlandians who took down Quintus and his undead hordes that were threatening Woodporte and Brenton Keep.

The initial members of the group were Ashley Bolt and Jack Shank, both Woodporte natives who were simply trying to stop an Orcish threat that was plaguing Woodporte. They found wagon tracks in Briarwood and, after following them, ran into several Orcs of Grimwil’s Band who were trying to track down some escaped slaves. They ran across Edwynn, who had been captured by the orcs while traveling to Woodporte from Calabria. Together, the trio defeated the orcs, took on captive, and released the human slaves to return safely to Woodporte.

The captured orc was named Throllok, and he agreed to assist the party in return for his freedom. Edwynn convinced Jack and Ash to listen to Throllok, and he was freed from his bonds and given his weapon.

The four then laid in wait at a crossroads east of Woodporte and attacked a caravan of Dusk Brigade bandits transporting orcs. In the fight, Jack was captured by Grimwil’s Band and Ash, Edwynn, and Throllok barely managed to escape with their lives despite defeating all but one orc. Both parties retreated to lick their wounds. Ash returned to Woodporte to rally assistance, leaving Edwynn in his home to recover, and met up with Eldar, an Elf warrior from Brenton Keep, as well as John and Bo, two thugs native to Woodporte. The party consisted of Ashley, Throllok, Eldar, John, and Bo, and they left Woodporte to assault Grimwil’s camp to the east.

Meanwhile, Jack awoke in a cage, blindfolded and bound by the wrists and feet. He managed to escape his bonds with the help of Gilbert, a halfling Priest of Lunares who was in the same cage. They could see two orcs fighting a mysterious armored man with yellow eyes, and escaped their cage in the chaos. They attempted to speak to the armored man, but he was only interested in finding more orcs to kill. He moved toward the entrance of the camp, and Gilbert and Jack followed. The camp was filled with dead orcs, and they saw many other yellow-eyed armored men. Gilbert and Jack came to realize these “men” were, in fact, undead, and seemed to possess limited intelligence. They neared the entrance of the camp and saw wagons drawn by horses and manned by strange hooded individuals about one hundred yards out.

Ash and company arrived at the entrance to Grimwil’s camp just in time to see Jack, Gilbert, and the armored man exiting. Throllok shouted out to Jack, and the armored man charged in to attack Throllok. The party defeated him, but only after Throllok took a potentially mortal wound. Gilbert administered aid to Throllok, and everybody else attacked the wagons. When they neared, they found that the hooded figures had no physical form beneath their robes. The wagons held orcs, and the party defeated the orcs and drove away the wagons, then went to Ash’s camp to rest.

Ash ordered John and Bo to watch over Gilbert and Throllok while he, Jack, and Eldar went back to the city. Once they neared the city from the eastern gate, they saw that it was under siege by a small army of zombies. They also found wagons manned by the robed figures nearby. Edwynn, meanwhile, awoke to find that the northeastern gate was also under attack. He moved along the wall and eventually came across Ash, Jack, and Eldar as they were attempting to sneak into the city. He assisted them, and the party retreated to Ash’s home to wait out the siege.

When they all awoke, the siege was over, and Woodporte’s guard had been reduced by nearly half. The group decided to track the wagons to find out where they were coming from. They returned to Ash’s camp to discover that Gilbert had helped Throllok substantially, and he was now in near perfect health, and sporting a new scar. John and Bo were sent back to the city to assist in rebuilding defenses. Ash tracked the wagons back to Grimwil’s camp, and found that they had gone straight through. Jack went into the camp to attempt to reason with the orcs and gain some support, while the rest of the party skirted around to the other side.

Jack met with Grimwil and explained the severity of the situation, but Grimwil refused to discuss the events at hand and sent him on his way. Edwynn, at the other end of the camp, managed to rally two orcs to come with them and fight by singing an old song of orcish triumph and strength, one that Throllok was particularly moved by. However, Throllok was unhappy that the new orcs had been recruited, as he was trying to distance himself from his bad decisions and did not want to work with slavers again. Jack rejoined the group and they continued on.

Eventually, it was discovered that the two orcs had information about the undead threat. They refused to talk, and Ash killed one to threaten the other into speaking. He mentioned that a man named Quintus was buying slaves that had died in underground pit fights, as well as living slaves, but they didn’t know what his plans were. Throllok killed this orc, and the party continued east.

The wagon tracks led to the Baktian Standing Stones, near the small village of Valen.

The Brave Adventurers

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