Throllok.png“I think we should give him back his club. He seems like a nice guy.”
“Throllok very nice. Throllok tell you what you need to know.”
“See? He seems perfectly trustworthy!”

Edwynn and Throllok


Throllok is a skilled fighter who is trained in the ways of his tribe’s Wolfbane Warriors, a special sect of berserkers who help to defend the otherwise very peaceful Gonthan tribe.

Originally from the Gonthan Tribe of orcs, Throllok was taken in by Grimwil’s enthusiasm to seek vengeance after an incident in the Hills of Gontha that resulted in many orcs’ deaths. After justice was reached, the impressionable Throllok was once again convinced by Grimwil to remain and begin capturing these “lessers”, as Grimwil called the men and women of Woodporte. Initially, Throllok was happy to capture and sell those he perceived as weaklings, but eventually it started to eat at his conscience as he started to realize they weren’t much different than him and his people. Unfortunately, his tribe had officially disowned Grimwil and all who followed him, so he would not be welcomed home. He didn’t know what to do or where to go.

That’s when the raiding party he was with was attacked by The Brave Adventurers, at the time comprised only of Jack, Ashley, and Edwynn. He was the only one left alive, and he quickly offered to help the party once they made it clear they wished to stop the slave trade. Since then he has been a loyal ally to the Adventurers, growing especially close to Jack and Gilbert.

He sees strength as a very important attribute, regarding physical and mental strength both worthy of admiration. As such, the socially slippery Edwynn has earned his ire, primarily because he has witnessed Edwynn surrendering while his friends fought on. However, as they continue to fight together, he is developing a begrudging respect for the Bard. He grew particularly close to Gilbert, and when the halfling left for Brenton Keep, Throllok gave him a token of their friendship in the form of a piece of treasure acquired from their adventures.

He currently travels with the Adventurers and fights for them.


Warrior 2
Protector 1

Loyalty 1

Unique Move

Wolfbane: When Throllok attacks an opponent in a blind rage, deal 1d6 damage to that opponent. This may only be done once before making camp to recharge.


Good deeds done and evil fought.


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